The diary, the final chapter.

Tales of the North Sea and roundabout, continued. (I found the 1990 diary!)

Caroline's famous 100 Metre mast came down in storms a month ago and they are broadcasting with a jury-rigged aerial between the funnel and a castor oil pipe! Not surprisingly the signal is very weak. Laser's ship is still reputed to be off the English coast somewhere but no signals have been heard recently. The Irish pirates are still on the air from Dublin.



Over the next month it was a sad story of decline, with a poor signal and interference, I couldn't always hear Caroline and the enthusiasm waned. By November 1990 things were very bad and the station closed on November 5th. A year later the Ross Revenge ran aground in a storm.......

It's been a trip down memory lane for me to go through all this old stuff again, I only hope some station will start up eventually that will engender the same kind of devotion that Caroline did amongst its' loyal listeners. Maybe even Caroline itself will return one day, perhaps on the internet! (check the Caroline site!)

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