The Early Days..

Caroline started broadcasting from the MV Caroline in Easter 1964, followed in May by Radio Atlanta from the Mi Amigo. The two stations were to merge in July with the MV Caroline, broadcasting as she went, sailing to an anchorage off the Isle of Man to become Caroline North.

There's not much on tape from all those years ago but here are some IDs from way back then...

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Here's the start of the first record programme on Radio Caroline (what other sorts were there?) introduced by programme controller Christopher Moore.

Hear the intro

First Programme

Here's an ID from 1964, introducing the Carl Conway show. Listen to those generators roar!

Hear the intro

Carl Conway

A similar early ID introducing Christopher Moore, I don't know the exact dates of these early ones; or who is speaking... could it be Christopher Moore?

Another one

Christopher Moore

Now an historic recording from Caroline's journey round the South of England and up to the Isle of Man. I remember listening to it all the way round, although it did get a bit weak around Lands End! Tom Lodge is on the mike in this clip, he was one of my favourites on Caroline North. I stayed loyal to the original....

Tom Lodge

Sailing By...

Here's a famous voice from the sixties and many years to come. Tony Blackburn was one of many DJs to make their name on the ships (both Caroline and London) and then go on to stardom on shore....

Tony Blackburn

Tony Blackburn

When Radio London started in December 1964, Caroline had to sharpen up its act a bit. The transatlantic sound of "Big L" made Caroline's British sounding format look a bit sad.. So they got some jingles!

The Sound of the Nation!

Hot Jingle!

Here's another chap who went on to great things after leaving Caroline. Well, I said "great things" but his chat show on TV was renowned for its mediocrity. Yes, you've guessed, it's Simon Dee. What he's on about in this clip I have no idea!

The Great... Simon Dee!

Simon Dee

Caroline tried valiantly to stay with London in popularity. One of the things they tried with some success was a cash giveaway game called "Caroline Cash Casino". Here's the intro.

Caroline Cash Casino

Cash Casisino, win 2/6!

Now here's a man who really did put his money where his mouth was and stayed with Caroline when all the others, including the "Wonderful" Radio London, crawled off the air on August 14th 1967..... Step forward Johnny Walker who we hear quaking in his boots as midnight passed and he fully expected a gunboat to pull alongside! Stirring stuff.

Johnny Walker


That's it for the history lesson. I really would like to get hold of some more recordings of those early days so please contact me if you've got any..... The address is on the title page.

Ronan O'Rahily tells the story of Caroline in his own words. It lasts about 10 minutes.


Some pictures of Caroline jocks from that time

This modest fellow is Jerry "Soopa" Leighton of Caroline North.

The mean and moody Tommy Vance of Caroline South.

Here's Bob Stewart of Caroline North eating his dinner!

This is Steve Young of Caroline North in some very odd garb.. Well it was the sixties!

It's "The Admiral" Robbie Dale of Caroline South with loads of "Caroline FunBooks", oh goody...

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