Radio Atlantis

Radio Atlantis first hit the airwaves in 1973 from the Mi Amigo with Flemish programming. The recorded programmes were sent out to the ship and often when the weather was bad they had no new ones to play. This phase of the station's life went from July to October 1973.

The Belgian businessman, Adriaan van Lanschoot, then bought an old Icelandic Trawler, the Zandaxonagen and renamed it Jeanine. The ship was moored off Plissenger but, having no working engines, it was liable to drift from its moorings. Test transmissions started in November 1973.

In early 1974 broadcasting restarted only to be subject to jamming but they had few other problems except for one 24 hour shutdown when the ship drifetd into territorial waters.

Transmissions continued until August when they decided to close the station in compliance with the Dutch marine offences act. The final programme aired on August 30th.

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A Jingle

Here we have some clips from the final days programmes on Atlantis, August 30th 1974.


This is at the top of the hour where we get a station ID and a weather-word on the handover to Derek "where's my generator gone" Jones!

Dave Owen intro

Here's Dave Owen over-acting (and singing...) and being generally Tony Blackburnish.

Dave Owen

Dave Owen again with a mention of the owner of Atlantis, Adriaan van Lanschoot.

Rip off yer vest!

The Radio Atlantis T-shirt offer... what a rip-off!

Who's who

This link gives a list of the jocks on Atlantis in '74.


Now thanks to all the back-room staff at Atlantis.


Dave bids us goodbye.....

Goodbye Dave, goodbye Radio Atlantis, a station I never actually heard up here. Many thanks indeed to Peter Compton for sending me the tape and loads of other stuff, and to Dave Owen himself for correcting some errors.

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